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I'm Beckie, a small town girl turned international award winning wedding photographer. A Kate Spade Wannabe who loves hockey... GO OILERS!! I'm also a wife, mom, educator who is obsessed with the color pink and all things girly.


I am married to my best friend, we have three amazing kids and a cat who thinks she’s a dog.. no really, she fetches and everything! I am often referred to as a go getter and wear my heart on my sleeve. I strive to be abundant in joy and believe that it shows in my work. You can find me either in jeans and lipstick chasing my dreams or dressed to the nines, there really is no in-between.( Ok, well maybe yoga pants once in awhile.) Skor flavoured cupcakes are my guilty pleasure.

I spent my childhood reading fairytales and watching Disney movies. I fell in love with the ideas of Romance and Happily Ever After. I fell in Love, with well LOVE! My parents showed me what real marriage is and I'm passionate not only about wedding photography but your marriage too. I am not the typical photographer who was always carrying around a camera as a child. For me, photography just happened. I guess you could say that it found me.

I want you look at my images and feel something. Connection is huge for me, I feel in order to capture the real you, I need to get to know you first. I want to become your friend and give you an experience, not just take pretty pictures. Oh and I do hug everyone - so you have been warned. 
I LOVE my job, I LOVE my clients!!


- My Camera
- Matte Lip Color
- I Phone Charger
- Gem Pen
- Gum



Clients that have hired me describe me as easy going, patient and someone who loves to laugh but can't tell a joke to save her life!

A Few of My 


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I can't adult before my first cup of coffee.


apple products

Mac Book, Iphone, I Pad. Apple Products are my jam!



I have a terrible sweet tooth. Cakes,Cucakes, Pastries and Pie. I love them all.


essie nail polish

I love wearing nail polish. I have tried every brand and found that I love Essie nail polish the most.



I love the sun and the heat. There is nothing better than soaking up the rays while spending time with loved ones.