Zack and Malynn | Engaged


October 6, 2018

Kananaskis Country Engagement Session

When I first received Maylnn’s inquiry about being her wedding photographer, she was so stinking sweet! I could tell we were going to hit it off from the very beginning – which is always one of the best feelings.

After they booked me at their consult we decided that we would shoot their engagement session in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains. How lucky are we that this is just a short drive from our back yard.  After a few emails back and forth and hearing what they were wearing. I was on the hunt for an epic location. One that wasn’t over used like Morraine Lake, Vermillion Lakes, or Lake Minnewanka. While those are gorgeous locations and I have shot there before. I wanted more of a unique and quiet location.

Driving out to the mountains I hit every type of weather, rain, snow, and full on sunshine. But if you’ve ever been to the mountains you know that the weather can change at any moment. We lucked out and while it was cool, it definitely wasn’t unbearable.

Zack and Maylnn: I just love you two! Enjoy some of my favorites from your engagement session and know that I am counting down the days until your 2019 wedding! YAY!


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