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I sat down with someone very close to me the other day. We somehow got on the topic of dreams. We all have them. We talked about the small dreams, big dreams, easy dreams and hard dreams, but they are all the same, not one more important than the other. In today’s world as we sit behind our computers and our cell phones, running with the kids, tackling our every growing to do list. It’s easy to loose sight of our dreams. It’s important that any dream no matter how big or small we should never, ever loose site of them.

I’ve always been a dreamer.  Some people may think I’m crazy, and that’s OK. But, I have some huge dreams that I’ve only talked about with my husband Randy. You know those really big and scary dreams that you only tell someone you trust 1000% about because you’re scared that they could never happen? Those places that you want to travel too but you just brush it off because “it’s not possible”? I have those dreams, too, a lot of them actually. But, today, I’ve decided that I’m going to share some of those dreams. Because the first step towards fighting for dreams is to write them down and put them out into the universe.

So, first, here’s a little list of the places that I want to shoot in! I love traveling. Shooting in new places inspires my work more than anything else, so if you know someone who may want to book a portrait, engagement session or better yet, a wedding, in one of these places, let them know I’d love to chat!


There’s quite a few more on the list but thats a good start 😉

Ok, this part of the post scares the bijesus out of me. When writing this blog post I seriously thought about deleting this part. However, nothing ever comes of staying in your comfort zone. I’ve never told anyone other than my husband about this list of dreams. They might never become a reality and they may seem silly to some but here it goes….

Speak at a Conference 

Host a Wedding Photography Workshop outside of AB

Have my work featured in Style Me Pretty

Collaborate with Joy Foley Weddings

Now I want to hear YOUR big dreams! So here’s to being a dreamer and working hard towards checking your dreams off your bucket list!!!


April 19, 2017

Big Dreams and Bucket Lists



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