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A Rebrand with Seaside Creative

Welcome to the brand new Sweetlight Website… isn’t she GORGEOUS!?!  The branding, the website,  the blog it was all done by the AMAZING Emily Henning of Seaside Creative. It’s no secret I’ve been a fangirl of Emily’s since my first prophoto website. I bought her Loreli template and it served me well for the first few years of business.

I then noticed that other photographers were using my brand as inspiration for theirs. Which is fine but I felt like I needed to constantly revamp my brand and my website to try set myself apart. When in reality it only set me further away from who I really am and what my brand stands for. Not fully understanding at the time that it’s ok to have similar brands because it is you that makes it unique. So I sat down with my hubby and we decided it was time to invest in a full rebrand and get back to my roots. So I hired Emily.

Emily has so much wisdom when it comes to making your branding experience enjoyable and a huge success.   She helped me navigate exactly what I wanted in not only my website but my brand. I dug deep and got back to my why and what I want my clients to experience when they hire me.

I wanted my new look to be timeless, welcoming and the website to be easy to navigate. I wanted a clean website to match my editing. I wanted to keep the pink color pallet but a more sophisticated color pallet. So if you were ever on my old prophoto website you will get the same feel, just more upscale and updated.


September 12, 2019




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